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Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich

Alice Medrich is a self-taught pastry chef and chocolatier and an award-winning cookbook author. She is credited with popularizing chocolate truffles in the United States at her influential dessert shop, Cocolat, in the l970s and has continued to influence established and new chocolate makers and pastry chefs. After a career spanning nearly 50 years, Alice currently works with visionary local and international start-ups, creating innovative recipes and plant-based products with upcycled ingredients. Alice lives in Berkeley, California.

Alice Medrich - Orange & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake

Orange and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake

This gluten-free, moist, fragrant cake is one of my favorite simple desserts. I garnish it differently in every season and serve it year-round. Even if you are timid about baking with extra virgin olive oil, don’t hesitate to choose a robust, bold—even peppery—oil. The sugar in the recipe will balance it perfectly. True Confession: You can make this recipe even simpler by skipping the orange slices in the bottom of the pan. I just make the cake and serve it right-side-up with a dusting of powdered sugar on top—adding fruit and cream for serving.

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