Cook with Jacques and Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

JPF Membership

What do I get with my Jacques Pépin Foundation (JPF) membership?

As a valued member of our JPF community, all member levels will receive full access to the Video Recipe Book – Cook with Jacques Pépin and Friends.

Premium JPF memberships, at varying levels and all with unique benefits, will include signed artwork, books, and other Jacques Pépin items, advance offering of tickets to events, and personalized messages from Jacques Pépin.

What is a Video Recipe Book?

Cook with Jacques Pépin and Friends was released in November 2020 and is a new digital platform that merges celebrity chef coffee table cookbook with a video subscription service. The Video Recipe Book contains downloadable, printable, and searchable recipes, accompanied by instructional videos featuring well-known chefs, including Jacques Pépin, preparing each recipe in their own home kitchens. The Video Recipe Book is a unique cookbook and instructional culinary guide that provides a very personal glimpse into the home kitchens of a group of talented chefs that cannot be found elsewhere.

How do I see the videos in the Video Recipe Book?

Every JPF Member receives full access to the Video Recipe Book immediately upon activation of their membership. To access the videos, visit the Membership page and log in upper right using the email and password you set up at time of membership activation. If you forgot your password, there is a prompt to reset it from the log in page.

I purchased a JPF Gift Membership but the recipient has not received it. Now what?

Thanks for supporting the Foundation with your Gift membership. We are sorry to hear that your recipient did not receive the activation email. Sometimes this email ends up in a Junk or Spam folder, depending on the email server. Please send us an email at [email protected] and include your order number so we can check on the order for you. Your order number would have appeared on the confirmation of purchase email that you received when you purchased the Gift.

The Jacques Pépin Foundation

Who does the JPF serve?

The Jacques Pépin Foundation (JPF) supports community-based culinary training programs – “Community Kitchens” – that offer free life skills and culinary training to adults with barriers to employment. The JPF supports a network of 150 organizations across the country by providing grants, source materials, curricula, and other resources.

What is the JPF grant program?

As part of the JPF mission to enrich lives and strengthen communities through the power of culinary education, the JPF extends Jacques Pépin’s generosity and culinary expertise with an annual grants program that directly supports community-based culinary training programs. These programs offer free life skills and culinary training to individuals with barriers to employment so they might gain confidence, skills and pathways to employment within the culinary industry. Launched in 2019, the JPF grants program has awarded over over $1,000,000 to multiple organizations nationwide.

How do I volunteer for the Foundation’s kitchens?

The JPF does not directly run any culinary programs, so we do not have kitchen volunteer opportunities. However, the community-based culinary training programs that we support exist nationwide and we encourage you to find one in your local community and see if you can volunteer there. The support map on the Programs page of our website is a good place to find kitchens near you.

Jacques Pépin

Will Jacques Pépin please come to my classroom/my school/my community center/my home and give a cooking demo?

While we are delighted to hear that your program/class/spouse is a fan and that Jacques’ videos and teachings have brought comfort, pleasure, and joy, we hope you can appreciate that we receive so many requests for Jacques’ time that he would simply be unable to keep up with the demand if we were to say yes to all of them. We invite you to look at the videos on our website and to follow us on social media to see what both Jacques and the Foundation are up to. You might consider a premier level of a JPF membership – some of the benefits associated with that often provide more personal experiences with both Jacques and members of the Foundation.

Is Jacques Pépin still teaching?

Yes, and now, virtually at Boston University! Stay tuned for other virtual opportunities to learn from Jacques and support the Foundation.