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Connor Kaminski

Connor Kaminski

Chef Connor Kaminski started working in hospitality at the age of 16, and he has not stopped since. He trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, cooked his way around DC and New York, and ended up at two of New York’s most beloved restaurants: New-American favorite, The NoMad (1 Michelin star), and up-scale Thai eatery, Uncle Boons (1 Michelin star). Chef Connor is currently using his Latin, Asian, and American culinary expertise to develop his own restaurant concept.

Connor Kaminski - Brassicas

Brassicas with Olive Tapenade and Pecorino

I love watching Jacques’ Instagram videos. This recipe is heavily influenced by a dish he made with cauliflower and scallions. My version is a medley of different brassicas, roasted, pickled and puréed, served with olive tapenade and pecorino cheese. Use any of the brightly colored cauliflowers available from your local market.

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