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Danielle Leoni

Danielle Leoni

Danielle Leoni is an acclaimed American chef, author and champion of good food, internationally recognized as a culinary leader implementing sustainable change within the food system. Chef Leoni’s avant-garde approach to blending the best of the Desert Southwest with the tropical traditions of Jamaica has distinguished her as a culinary talent. For over a decade she has explored the islands of the Caribbean and immersed herself in seaside food cultures. Under her stewardship, her restaurant, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar, introduced an entirely new cuisine to Arizona while redefining perceptions of tropical and sustainable dining.

Chef Leoni is a James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist for Best Chef Southwest, James Beard Foundation Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change alum, James Beard Foundation Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellowship recipient, James Beard Foundation Taste America Local All-Star Chef, Board Member of the James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Sustainable Seafood Chef Advisory Council and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Smart Catch Chef Council.  She has amassed numerous accolades, awards and TV features including programs on PBS, Food Network’s Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen, as well as Fire Masters on the Cooking Channel.

Danielle Leoni - Shrimp & Fish Sausage

Shrimp and Fish Sausage

Growing up in the mid-west in an Italian-American family I ate my share of hot Italian sausage laced with aromatic fennel. It was a key part of my family’s Sunday pasta dinner and now, my seafood sausage has crept into my own kitchen. It is perfect on its own, as a side dish, or to toss into your favorite pasta, soup, grains, veggies or anything you’d like to dress up!


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