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Jamie Hyder

Jamie Hyder

Jamie Gray Hyder is a Lebanese-American actress, advocate and food lover from the Washington, DC area, currently living in NYC. She is known for her work on hit TV shows such as Law & Order: SVU and True Blood, as well as the iconic Call of Duty video game franchise and Voltron animated series for Dreamworks. When Jamie isn’t on set, you can find her cooking in the kitchen or stuffing her face at one of her favorite restaurants.

Jamie places special importance on her work to support food service workers through the Giving Kitchen, and works alongside chefs as a volunteer for World Central Kitchen. Jamie is a mental health advocate through her work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and a supporter of veterans and the armed forces through the Student Veterans of America, and her continued work with various branches of the U.S. Military. Jamie believes the work being done by the JPF is essential in empowering anyone and everyone to embrace the power of cooking.

Jamie Hyder - Whole Roasted Fish with Roasted Tomatoes

Whole Roasted Fish with Roasted Tomatoes

I love cooking whole fish, especially for a group of friends or family. It’s simple and cost effective, yet looks impressive and is delicious! You can make this with most flaky, whitefish such as snapper, sea bass or branzino, and feel free to switch up the herbs. Remember to always look for clear eyes, bright gills and a fresh smell when selecting fish. Ask your fishmonger to scale and clean the fish. And don’t be scared to dig into the head bits – it’s got all the tasty parts!

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