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Jesse Sheehan

Jessie Sheehan

Jessie Sheehan is a celebrated cookbook author, recipe developer, and baker. She is the self-proclaimed queen of “easy-peasy baking;” and contributes recipes and writing to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Epicurious, Food52, Bon Appetit, and more. Her third cookbook, Snackable Bakes: 100 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Exceptionally Scrumptious Sweets and Treats was named one of the best cookbooks of 2022 by the New York Times. Her fourth book, Salty, Cheesy, Herby Crispy Snackable Bakes, will be published in the fall of 2024.

Jessie Sheehan - Lemon Possets with Raspberry Coulis

Lemon Possets with Raspberry Coulis

A lemon posset is an easy, softly set stove-top pudding with a texture as ethereal as a baked custard, but with a quarter of the fuss. A tart, gorgeous raspberry coulis is the perfect accompaniment. Top the possets with the coulis while they set up in the refrigerator or serve with a little pitcher of it on the side.

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