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Lena Derisavifard

Lena Derisavifard

Lena Derisavifard’s BiBi Bakery reimagines Iranian flavors to create unique and *sometimes* addictive pastries. Lena incorporates her American experience and Iranian culture into her baking, so every bite transports you to new yet familiar places – bringing her home to yours. BiBi is committed to sharing and celebrating Iranian culture through food and challenging single-story narratives of the Middle East one bite at a time.

Lena Derisavifard - Chocolate Barberry Cookies

Chocolate Barberry Cookies

This BiBi Bakery staple is a double chocolate cookie studded with barberries – sweet tangy perfection! Barberries are a small tart berry used predominately in savory food across Iran, but these chocolatey cookies pop with the addition of these small, flavorful berries. Don’t shy away from trying this recipe because you have to chill the dough. The resting time allows the dough to hydrate, giving you a cookie with an irresistibly crispy outside and decadent brownie like inside. Nooshe jân! Jaan Nooshe! شون ناج

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