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Owen L'Aquila

Owen L’Aquila

A true New York native, Owen was raised in Westchester, New York. He got his start in the restaurant industry as a bartender and waiter, which piqued his interest in the culinary arts. His first humble opportunity was making smash burgers. Then, gaining confidence, he dove headfirst into the fine dining kitchens of Morimoto, Marea (2 Michelin stars), Daniel (2 Michelin stars), and most recently, Sous Chef at Carbone (1 Michelin star). The dream of a place of his own is now on the horizon.

Owen L'Aquila - Quenelles à la Lyonnaise

Quenelles à la Lyonnaise

At the point in my career when I wanted to learn French cuisine, I took a trip to Lyon in the southeast portion of France. Lyon, traditionally was the crossroads of multiple cultures traveling to the Mediterranean Sea, and is also the birthplace of some of the greatest chefs, including Jacques Pépin. To honor that I chose this Lyonnaise-style dish.

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