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Susan Jung

Susan Jung

Susan Jung is the revered journalist and one of the foremost experts on Chinese cuisine, who recently released her new cookbook Kung Pao & Beyond: Fried Chicken Recipes from East and Southeast Asia. She is currently the food editor for Vogue Hong Kong, and academy chair for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. She trained as a pastry chef and worked in some of the most notable restaurants and bakeries throughout SF, NYC, and Hong Kong. Susan then spent 25 years as the food editor for the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s internationally-renowned English newspaper.

Susan Jung - Chicken Poppers with Instant Noodle Coating

Chicken Poppers with Instant Noodle Coating

I came up with the idea for this dish after listening to two friends talk about instant noodles – a subject that is dear to my stomach. Peter reminisced about eating instant noodles, sprinkled with the seasoning mix, straight out of the packet, without cooking them first. Carol said that she hadn’t ever tasted one of my favorite instant noodles, the South Korean Nongshim Shin Ramyun. I wondered how instant noodles would work as a coating for fried chicken. They fried up spicy and crunchy, and it was one of the easiest fried chicken dishes I’d ever made. You can vary the flavor by using other types of instant noodles, but make sure the seasoning packet is a dry mix, not a paste. Also, use only the seasoning powder, do not use any oil or dehydrated vegetables that may come in the packet. This fried chicken goes very well with soju, the Korean distilled alcoholic beverage, or beer.

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