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Terrance Brennan

Terrance Brennan

Terrance Brennan is an accomplished chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur with over forty years of experience in the culinary world. His journey began at an early age, working in his family’s restaurant in Virginia, which fueled his passion for cooking. Throughout his career, Terrance has won numerous awards and accolades, making him one of America’s most renowned and imaginative chefs. He now serves as the Chef/CEO of Brennan Group Consulting and Brennan Group Hospitality, responsible for launching critically acclaimed restaurants and products.

Terrance’s culinary adventures took him from renowned establishments in Washington, DC, to the legendary Le Cirque in New York. He further honed his skills in Europe’s finest Michelin-starred kitchens, where his unique culinary style began to flourish. In 1993, he opened his own restaurant, Picholine, offering seasonal French-Mediterranean cuisine and an exceptional cheese cart showcasing the world’s finest artisanal cheeses. The restaurant quickly became a premier dining destination, earning three stars from The New York Times, four stars from New York Magazine, as well as two stars in the Michelin Guide, and earning a James Beard nomination for Outstanding Restaurant. His passion for cheeses led to the creation of Artisanal, the first US restaurant with a cheese shop and aging “caves.” Terrance’s dedication to artisanal cheeses culminated in The Artisanal Premium Cheese Center, a pioneering facility dedicated to the finest cheeses globally.

Apart from his culinary achievements, Terrance remains a sought-after celebrity guest chef, making appearances on various television shows. He is also the author of  Artisanal Cooking: A Chef Shares His Passion for Handcrafting Great Meals at Home. Terrance’s commitment extends to philanthropy, actively supporting charities like Share Our Strength, City Harvest, and Meals on Wheels. Terrance Brennan’s enduring legacy lies in his culinary excellence and dedication to giving back to the community.

Terrance Brennan - Butter Poached Halibut with Peas à la Francaise & Rhubarb Vinaigrette

Butter Poached Halibut with Peas à la Française and Rhubarb Vinaigrette

For me, slow poaching in butter is the ultimate way to cook halibut because it is a lean fish, prone to overcooking and becoming dry. As a tribute to Jacques and his culinary legacy, I chose to accompany the halibut with the classic French dish, petits pois à la française (peas à la française), which aligns with his fondness for vegetables. The rhubarb vinaigrette adds a tangy twist and helps make this dish, spring on a plate!

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